Brotech Electronics, established in 2002, is  a small group of experienced electronics engineers, located on Long Island, New York. We specialize in the design and manufacture of cost effective and reliable Custom Electronic Products to customer requirements, and as well design and manufacture our own product. Our areas of expertise include: Professional Musical Intrument effects boxes, Medical Device Test Equipment, and recently added Midi Player/Controller.

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NEW Mini Midi Sequencer+

Select play mode - Tablet Remote or Random or Sequential Play using the Play Mode Switch!


We manufacture innovative, sophisticated Effects Boxes for guitar, Fatpipe Pro and Fatpipe Blues, at a price point that is accessible to most musicians. These Effects boxes are high tech in design and manufacture, using surface mount technology, built with high quality components, all mounted in rugged solid cast aluminum chassis. They are built tough for the professional musician, but are affordable for aspiring newcomers.

The Mini Midi Sequencer+ and Mega Midi Sequencer (mMS+ and MMS) are tablet controlled midi players, designed especially for use on midi enabled automated musical instruments such as a band organ. It works with all midi to parallel interfaces. The mMS+/MMS reads type 0 midi files from a local SD memory card, decodes and sequences the midi information and streams it to an external device. The hardware is controlled wirelessly via Bluetooth linked to an Android 7" tablet (8" HD optional). The tablet acts as a remote directory and file name viewer and selector, and has soft keys for Play Selection, Stop, Play Sequential, Play Random, Tempo Change, and more... Select Tablet Remote or Random or Sequential Play mode using the front panel switch. Also, play songs from a playlist that you create using our MMS Playlist Editor App! We also offer for multiple installations, optional rename Bluetooth feature!

We manufacture innovative test fixture for the medical industry, specializing in audio-acoustic stethoscope test fixture design and manufacture.


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+/MMS Product Flyer
+/MMS Manual
MMS Playlist Editor App Manual

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Mini Midi Video Demo
Mega Midi Video Demo

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